Toronto’s Fenech is now a one-percenter with the Mars One gang, a project with the goal of colonizing the fourth planet from the sun.
Mars One, a not-for-profit Netherlands-based organization behind the colonization effort, plans to make a reality TV show about the selection of the 40-person crew for the trip to the Red Planet.
Fenech said he welcomes the opportunity to participate in mankind’s first effort to sprawl across the galaxy — even though it is a one-way trip.
“I see the value in going. Our sun is getting brighter and some day it won’t support life. The only way to be prepared is to set out (to Mars) now. It’s a historic undertaking,” said Fenech, 45, who has travelled to 160 counties but never lost his childhood dream of leaving the planet.

dynamic_resizeFour home invaders barged into a mixed martial artist’s home during the early morning hours on New Year’s Day.
MMA fighter Joseph Torrez of Las Cruces, N.M., fought for his life last week following an altercation on New Year’s Eve, according to multiple reports.
After a group of men warned Torrez they were coming for him on the morning of Jan. 1, the 27-year-old New Mexican did what he does best: defend himself.
One left in a body bag, another an ambulance and two fled in fear.

dynamic_resizeTV’s Saturday Night Live just announced that they hired a black woman to join their other cast members and it caused quite an uproar!
The Perspective Research Department is looking into whether it’s because she’s black, she’s a woman, or both …..?

33796796Speaking of black! Denzel Washington is rumored to be playing “Green lantern’ soon.
Denzel is already cast as Lex Luther in the next Superman movie, but we can’t see him as Green lantern when he is definitely black!
(Besides that, he’s much too old!)

imagesCA8080E3And speaking of celebrities……………….!
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Officially Back Together?
Stay tuned!

untitledScientist Stephen hawking just proved that there is no such thing as “time travel!”
He put a notice in a scientific journal that there would be a big party at his place for anyone that traveled back from the future to attend it!
Nobody showed up!

imagesCAOCD3W2The Conservatives have confirmed they are buying new shitty helicopters to replace the old shitty helicopters.
They are going on sea patrol with the shitty submarines!

untitledRun Run Shaw just died. He built a Hong Kong movie and TV empire that nurtured rising talents like actor Chow Yun-fat and director John Woo, inspired Hollywood filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino and produced the 1982 sci-fi classic “Blade Runner.”
That son-of-a-gun lived to be 107 years old!!!!!!!

You can file this one under ‘strange, but true!’
Scientists discover hormone that blocks marijuana buzz!
We don’t know if Dennis Rodman is always drunk, high, or just plain disgusting,  but the guy is not all there!