In a surprise move, a spokesman for the Canadian oil and gas industry in Canada replied to rocker Neil Young’s criticism of the Tar Sands Project and commented on his musical abilities yesterday.


“Aside from being simplistic in its composition, and rather mundane in execution, Mr. Young’s music is also hampered by, and his listeners exposure to, his shrill warbling,  to the point that being subjected to his work will result in a numbing of the mind and spirit, as well as eventual deafness from his prolonged and repeatedly over amplified, and severely limited guitar abilities! “ 

images44ZB098N“Mr. Young attempts to appeal to the lowest common denominator in the entertainment industry …, between his unkempt appearance and his music, which is interspersed with a painfully  flat delivery, seems totally bereft of any higher purpose or meaning other than the furtherance of basic rhythms and lyrics similar to the jungle drums and desolate chanting of some stone age society!”

“We cannot find any musical ability in his wailing falsetto voice, and his particular style of so called music has set the entertainment industry back by many decades in an era when progressive cultural advances seemed so immanent and hopeful.

It is therefore with much consternation and regret that we can find absolutely no redeeming social value what-so-ever in his work!”

Yours, etc. etc.