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A herd of dairy cows nearly lifted the roof off their barn in central Germany when methane released by the animals caused an explosion.
imagesJURD8FUPPolice in Hesse state said in a statement that a static electric charge apparently triggered the detonation, and a spurt of flame, on Monday at a farm in Rasdorf. The roof was slightly damaged and one cow suffered light burns.
No people were hurt but a lot were very startled!.
Police say 90 cows are kept in the shed and it wasn’t clear why quantities of methane had built up.
(Bovine belching and flatulence releases large quantities of the gas. AS A MATTER OF FACT, COWS ARE ONE OF THE MAJOR SOURCES OF WORLD WIDE GREENHOUSE GASES!)
Here’s one that seems self-evident:
imageArizona police believe equipment failure is to blame in the death of Dr. David Stather, a Calgary doctor who died after BASE jumping with a wing suit near the Grand Canyon. CTV Calgary’s Elissa Carpenter said police believe Stather’s death was a tragic accident, and are looking at equipment failure as a cause of death as Stather’s parachute never opened. Carpenter said a medical examiner in Arizona performed a full autopsy on Monday to confirm the cause of death.
Folks, equipment failure might have been a contributing factor ………………, but the main reason he died was because he JUMPED OFF THE SIDE OF THE GRAND CANYON!!!
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With lethal-injection drugs in short supply and new questions looming about their effectiveness, lawmakers in some death penalty states are considering bringing back relics of a more gruesome past: firing squads, electrocutions and gas chambers.
Most states abandoned those execution methods more than a generation ago in a bid to make capital punishment more palatable to the public and to a judicial system worried about inflicting cruel and unusual punishments that violate the Constitution.
But to some elected officials, the drug shortages and recent legal challenges are beginning to make lethal injection seem too vulnerable to complications.
“This isn’t an attempt to time-warp back into the 1850s or the wild, wild West or anything like that,” said Missouri state Rep. Rick Brattin, who this month proposed making firing squads an option for executions. “It’s just that I foresee a problem, and I’m trying to come up with a solution that will be the most humane yet most economical for our state.”
Anne Kingston covers the cultural waterfront: Trim your pubes? NO WAY!
trimmingLast week American Apparel set Twitter afire with news that mannequins at its Lower East Side store in New York now boast a healthy thatch of pubic hair. The merkins, evident through sheer lingerie, are intended to convey the “rawness and realness of sexuality,” a company rep said. But in making pubes public, the eager-to-shock retailer is decidedly lagging pubic-hair fashion, a topic given a thorough airing earlier this month when Cameron Diaz endorsed going au naturel in The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body. One section of the book, titled “In praise of pubes,” extols the hair surrounding “that glorious, delicate flower of yours,” calling it “a pretty draping that makes it a little mysterious to the one who might be courting your sexiness.”
Gabi Rose wore maternity clothes for more than 12 years.
That’s because she was too FAT!
“I didn’t realize it was affecting my entire family,” Rose said.
Once Rose got serious about losing weight for good, she, her husband, David, and daughter Rachel lost a combined 300 pounds together.
140116220613-rose-family-weight-loss-03-horizontal-galleryA big factor in the trio’s transformation was changing how they ate: choosing healthier foods and cooking at home. In the bad old days, Rose didn’t cook much at all. Frozen pizza, chicken nuggets in a bag, mac and cheese in a box, a pre-made “family-size portion” of chicken lasagna for herself and her husband — these were typical meals.

“The weight loss in my opinion is the easy part,” Rose said. “It’s the maintenance that’s hard, and that’s difficult and takes time and education and understanding.”
The family has also been spending less time sitting on the couch.
Rachel and Noah have been playing tennis for years. They’ve motivated the rest of the family to play tennis, too, Rose said.
The family also rides bikes around the neighborhood and has gone on outdoor adventures such as white-water rafting and an obstacle course. They have joined a family gym, so that everyone is working out at the same time, and have run 5K races together over the past two years.

140116220725-rose-family-weight-loss-08-horizontal-galleryDavid Rose credits his wife as leading by example in the diet and fitness changes that have transformed the household. He lost 80 pounds, which he has kept off for four years, and now weighs about 188 pounds.
“I remember the first day that she took me over to the gym and put me on an elliptical machine,” he said. “That was the beginning of a process.”
Sales of luxury homes hit new records in cities throughout Canada in 2013, according to a new ReMax realty report.
In Vancouver, Canada’s priciest real estate market, sales of luxury homes priced over $2 million hit 1,609, marking a 36 per cent increase from 2012.
Toronto, Canada’s largest real estate market, saw a record 1,908 luxury homes priced over $1.5 million change hands in 2013, an 18 per cent increase over 2012.
More buyers were vying for fewer homes in prestigious Toronto neighbourhoods including Rosedale, Forest Hill, Bridle Path, Lawrence Park and Hogg’s Hollow, the report notes.
The report, released Tuesday,  noted that builders are snapping up older homes priced under $3 million, tearing them down, and building news homes priced between $5 million and $10 million.
The “teardown trend” is pushing up home prices and “blurring the boundaries” of high-end pockets, according to the report.
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This Mississauga, Ont. custom-built mansion recently sold in an auction for $6.2 million
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