Your much maligned reporter keeps saying we should just build a fence around the Middle-East and only take it down after everyone there has regained their senses, or killed themselves off, but we both know this is not going to happen.
Instead, we can watch the Taliban resurgence as they overrun the place ………….., meanwhile Sunni’s battle Shias, Muslims battle Jews, Christians and Hindu’s, and everyone battles the U.S.
Aside from the dubious entertainment value, this whole area is a mess, folks, and deserves to be cut off from civilized society!

No doubt it’s only teenagers, and they’re too stupid and ignorant to know any better, BUT: Calgary police held a press conference Tuesday to warn the public about a Facebook group mocking street people in Calgary.
Some of the videos show apparently homeless Calgarians being openly mocked with fake accents and addressed as “fine specimens.” –>
asshole trophy“Creature Sightings” is Facebook page that posts photos and videos of homeless people asleep in public places, returning empties or other embarrassing situations. The group’s 200+ members are encouraged to submit ratings, comments or memes further insulting street people.

Well folks, this automatically qualifies these kids as our “Assholes of the Day!”
Remember the guy at the Vancouver airport who got tasered to death because he didn’t speak English?

Well, a previously unknown witness is expected to tell an RCMP officer’s perjury trial that the four Mounties involved in Robert Dziekanski’s death gathered at her home for a private meeting before testifying at a public inquiry, the Crown told a B.C. Supreme Court judge on Tuesday.
Crown counsel Eric Gottardi signaled that prosecutors intend to allege Const. Kwesi Millington and the other officers got together to co-ordinate their stories as they prepared to appear at the inquiry, where they all testified in early 2009.
Millington was among four officers who confronted Dziekanski at Vancouver’s airport on Oct. 14, 2007. He repeatedly stunned Dziekanski with a Taser and the Polish immigrant died on the airport floor.
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CPT150171812_highOlivia Chow is going to throw her hat into the ring tomorrow for mayor of Toronto, kids!
That means if she gets elected Toronto will dig up all its subway lines, put in bicycle lanes on all the expressways, shut down the island airport, and put everyone on welfare!
(Good luck with that!)
Planet of the Apes?

chimp1_promoLook out, gamers: chimpanzees might be coming for your high scores. Panzee, a 22-year-old female chimp, significantly outperformed 12 children and 4 adults on a complex maze in a virtual-reality computer
Researchers pitted four adult chimps against twelve human children ranging from 3 to 12 years old, and four adult humans. The chimpanzees tended to do about as well as the kids between 3 and 6 years old, completing the maze in a similar amount of time. The scientists were also recording “travel efficiency,” or how much distance the gamers covered before beating the game. That’s where Panzee shined: on the most difficult maze, she took a significantly shorter route

to the prize than the kids – and even the adults.
As the games became more complicated, some of the humans tried to get a boost from their species-mates in the room. “The humans would ask me for answers, but I would tell them, ‘I can’t give the chimps answers,’” said Francine Dolins, a primatologist at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and first author on the study, which was published online

in the American Journal of Primatology in January.
Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones has written a children’s book! (I don’t know about you bunky, but I’m afraid to read it!)

I think winter is back for one last kick at the cat in Ontario and points East!
BihVRopCMAAbII0It may feel like spring, but Southern Ontario, southern Quebec and the Maritimes are in for heavy snowfall and cold temperatures
Wednesday morning’s commute was a relatively easy one, with some light drizzle hitting the streets, but more snow is coming today.
The rain will give way to more steady snowfall as the temperatures drop into the evening and into Thursday.
Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for the Eastern half of the country, where up to 10 centimetres of snow is possible.
The temperature will drop from 1 C to – 5 C this morning before plummeting to – 17 C Wednesday evening with wind chill making it feel more like – 26.

Quebec Premier Pauline Marois has said an independent Quebec would have no borders or tolls for Canadians, as she campaigns ahead of a 7 April election!
Well let me tell ya something, boys and girls!
This reporter thinks we should have a border just like the one down in the States, along the Mexican border!
A nice high fence to keep THEM IN, not us out!
Under the heading: “Now there’s something I didn’t know,” how about this little gem?

2014-03-10T221635Z_1_CBREA291PVQ00_RTROPTP_2_KENYA-ELEPHANTS-CENSUSResearchers from the University of Sussex and the Amboseli Trust for Elephants played recordings of human voices to wild elephants in Kenya and watched how they reacted. “Our results demonstrate that elephants can reliably discriminate between two different ethnic groups that differ in the level of threat they represent,” the authors said in an article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
The study said an elephant herd was more likely to bunch up in a defensive position following playbacks of voices of Maasai people, an East African ethnic group that has hunted elephants for centuries, than other groups. “Moreover, these responses were specific to the sex and age of Maasai presented, with the voices of Maasai women and boys, subcategories that would generally pose little threat, significantly less likely to produce these behavioral responses,” according to the study.
AND FINALLY: the picture shows the crescent Moon in the sky, and superposed near it is the Andromeda galaxy, the nearest big spiral to our own Milky Way.
This is how big the Andromeda galaxy would actually look in our sky if it were brighter!