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We are telling right here that they are NOT responsible!
Canadian consumers planning to bring home the bacon — even just a few slices for breakfast — may notice lighter packages on store shelves following a spike in pork prices.
Limited supply, rising feed costs and an outbreak of porcine epidemic diarrhea across North America’s hog industry have pushed up the price of pork in recent months.
But instead of charging customers more, some food companies have quietly reduced the weight of bacon packs while keeping prices unchanged. (Gilbert Kohlman, a butcher at Cantor’s Meats in Winnipeg, said he has recently noticed 375-gram packages of sliced bacon instead of the usual 500-gram packs.)
Our “Asshole of the day” is a drunk woman in her 20′s who stunned passengers on a plane after slipping off to the toilet to have sex with a man she had just met.
That’s right bunky, this un-named woman got rowdy and decided to join the “mile high club” …………………………….., except she didn’t know anyone on the plane!
asshole trophy
Witnesses said things had got heated between the woman and the man who was sitting next to her en route to LasVegas.
Later the frisky couple were caught red-handed when their cries of passion were heard coming from behind the toilet door.
It left cabin crew with no option but to step in but when the newly acquainted lovers were challenged over their behaviour, witnesses say the woman became abusive.
She was questioned by US authorities but was released with just a warning before continuing her holiday in the Nevada resort.
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Speaking about flying: As of this writing, (8 a.m. Tuesday) it looks as if Rob Ford might have been turned back by the Chicago customs and border patrol when he attempted to go for re-hab in the States. (They must have figured he was and “undesirable!”)

No definite word yet, but we will keep you informed!
imagesGOT IT!
The Globe and Mail
Published Tuesday, May. 06 2014, 5:00 AM EDT
Last updated Tuesday, May. 06 2014, 7:07 AM EDT
After announcing he was taking time off to go to rehab, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford boarded a plane to Chicago last Thursday, landed, but then turned around before officially entering the United States.
“He voluntarily withdrew his application to enter the USA,” Consul General of Canada in Chicago, Roy Norton, confirmed to The Globe and Mail in an e-mail, saying the Toronto mayor “was not denied entry, per se.”
OK kids, this is what we’re going to do: I have a few members of the Perspective Naked News department making up a poster along the lines of “Where’s Waldo?”
Except, of course, this one will be called “Where’s Rob Ford?”
The Perspective Research Department has set our “Way-back” machine to go forward for a change, just see how far and long the Republicans are going to prolong this bullshit with the “House Benghazi Investigation!”

men63So far we have gone all the way forward to July, 2018 and they don’t appear to be letting up in the slightest!
(Remember when the Republicans had Ken Star haunt Bill Clinton for years with “Whitewater,” which started out as a merit-less investigation into land deals ……., and when that didn’t go anywhere, turned into a witch-hunt called the Monika Lewinsky Affair! We still don’t know how they managed to connect those two issues, but that’s politics, folks!)
Because Kate Upton’s tits are so big, she is complaining that nobody pays any attention to her ass!
(Is there something inherently WRONG with all this, folks?)
Stunning (?) news from Gawker this morning!
James Weldon Alton, 29, who played Captain America at Universal Studios, was arrested yesterday on felony charges of transmitting harmful material to a minor after texting dick pics to a 16-year-old girl he met on the job.
The girl posed with Alton at the theme park a few weeks ago and posted the picture on Instagram, where Alton found it, and, police say, “an online friendship began.”
The girl said she and Cap started out exchanging texts as friends, but Alton quickly escalated the relationship by showing her his dick. He also texted her about masturbation and “getting into her,” police say.
The explicit pics allegedly started after the victim told Alton she was 16.
After his arrest, Alton told police he thought she was joking about being underage, and that they were just flirting. He said he didn’t know why he sent the photos, or what he expected in return, calling the whole thing “poor judgment.”
Alton also allegedly tracked down and left comments on the Instagram accounts of two other girls who recently posed for photos with him—”Definitely my fav of the day!!” and “You’re a sweetie.”
Universal Studios has parted ways with Alton, who had worked there since 2010.
For shame, Captain America. We’d expect this from Tony Stark, but not from you. Not from you.

Manitoba Report:
Breaking News from Winnipeg this morning folks!
◾The westbound median lane of Inkster Boulevard is closed at Wiginton Street.
◾The northbound curb lane on Osborne Street is closed just south of Donald Street. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in the direction of rush hour traffic (i.e., two lanes northbound in the morning and two lanes southbound in the afternoon). At all other times, one northbound lane and two southbound lanes will be maintained

In other news: A man fell from his wheelchair when it caught in a pothole in the middle of a crosswalk on Lansdowne Avenue on Sunday.
cody-richardsCody Richards uses a wheelchair and said he has had a number of close calls due to potholes—including the spill on Sunday.
“I flipped over on my side of my chair,” said Richards. “I didn’t know how quick I had to get up before the light turned green so I dragged myself to the sidewalk and pulled my chair along with me.”
Richards said he’s grateful to two women driving by stopped and helped upright his chair.
A woman at a Winnipeg trailer park is appealing an eviction notice she and other tenants received last week.

carol-macleanCarol MacLean and 60 others at the Troy Trailer Court have been told they have to be out of the park by June 11.
MacLean is hoping the tenancies board will force the landlord to give them another year. “Well, it gives you a window of opportunity to figure out what you are going to do,” she said.
John Webb, president of Troy Ltd., said costs to operate the park have become prohibitive. He said he will donate the land to the municipality and leave them to make a decision about the park
But Dwayne MacDonald, District 6 Councillor, said he’s not sure if the rules would allow that.
Seth Rogen hasn’t been a fan of Justin Bieber’s for quite some time, and on Monday he opened up to Howard Stern about meeting the pop star. Rogen said, “He’s a good example of someone who you meet who you think you are going to hate, and then you get to hate him.”The 32-year-old actor also compared how different it was meeting his “Neighbors” co-star Zac Efron. “When I met Zac Efron, one of the most endearing things is he recognized that as a Disney star, I as a man in my late 20s, early 30s, would f—— hate him. Because why wouldn’t I? Justin Bieber had zero f—— percent of that … no humility, no awareness.”

AND FINALLY: NEWS FROM THE CMA (Canadian Medical Association)
-When women get the flu it lasts anywhere from 3 to twenty days!
-When men get the flu it only lasts 3 to ten days………………., but it’s called a “COLD!”

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