It may be the middle of summer, but in Winnipeg, a little shred of winter just won’t go away.
A filthy, muddy, massive snow pile has defied the seasons and survived the summer heat at the Kenaston snow dump site on the edge of the city. The 18-metre snow pile is the largest of a handful of snow piles still lingering at Winnipeg’s four snow-dumping sites, where the city stores the snow it collects in the winter.
The Kenaston site is close to a well-traveled city route, so Winnipeggers are well aware of the massive snow pile. However the site is closed to the public, so locals can’t take advantage of the opportunity to go tobogganing in August.
Now we all know that a lot of celebrities are nuts in their own special ways, but every once in a while someone special comes along.
Kayne West is one of them!
First of all, ya know the ladder doesn’t go all the way to the attic when he names his daughter “North West,” ……….., but his comments this week to Rolling Stone magazine about drones flying around his house show us just how paranoid and out of touch with reality he really is!

images3MLZVJ22West is convinced his every move is monitored by futuristic flying machines, and fears his daughter is on danger!
“Is your daughter stalked by, like, drones? Are there drones flying where she’s trying to learn how to swim at age 1? Wouldn’t you like to just teach your daughter how to swim without a drone flying around her head? What happens if a drone falls right next to her? Would it electrocute her? Could it fall and hit her in the head?”
The interviewer then pursued West’s theory long enough for the rapper to suggest just how a paparazzi-drone-electrocution could occur. “Could it fall and hit her if that paparazzi doesn’t understand how to remote control the drone over our house?” West asked.
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imagesSpeaking of being a little NUTS ………, we all know that Vladimir Putin is having a tiff with the West over the Ukraine thing and everyone is now using sanctions and embargo’s to hurt the other side, but this guy is cutting off his nose to spite his face, folks!
Putin needed something to hurt Europe’s economy, so instead of cutting of their supply of oil (which would also cripple the Russian economy) he’s banning the importation of FOOD!
Yup, ya heard me right! Putin can’t stop the oil and gas ‘money machine’ that his friends rely on, so why not let the Russian people go hungry instead?
Makes sense to me, folks. [sic]
MEANWHILE, down in the States, it’s business as usual for the Republicans:
Friday will mark exactly three months since House Republicans, with great fanfare, voted to impanel the Select Committee on Benghazi – a tribunal charged with uncovering the truth behind the 2012 terrorist attack after five other congressional committees had apparently fallen short. Since each party named its members to the panel, however, we’ve heard barely a peep. After an initial photo-op, the 12-member committee led by Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), has held no public hearings. It has issued no reports, and the only two public statements of any kind it has released have been to disclose that it received a pair of briefings.
The Perspective Research Department has learned that if things don’t get moving soon, the G.O.P. might go back to asking Obama about his citizenship, since the jobless rate seems to be off the table for the foreseeable future!

And as far as that whole “IMPEACHMENT” thing goes, it seems to be at a standstill too because Republicans can’t seem to agree on what they should impeach him for!
Over there in Mooslim land, the ceasefire is over now that Hamas militants have started firing rockets at Israel again, and at the same time the United States has started firing rockets at ISIS gangs in central Iraq!
READ THIS AND WEEP………………………….. or at least note the comments at the bottom!
“It’s not just the Muslim, boys and girls!”
Canada Border Services Agency managers at Toronto’s Pearson airport allowed a small group of Hindu priests to avoid screening by female border guards to comply with their religious beliefs, CBC News has learned.
A CBSA officer, outraged that such a request would be considered, spoke exclusively to CBC News about what happened at Pearson’s Terminal 3 on the evening of Monday, July 28. Fearing she could be disciplined for speaking out, the officer spoke on the condition that her name and identity be withheld.
The officer said she and her colleagues — whose job involves screening passengers for entry into Canada after they arrive on international flights — were told before their shift not to switch work stations with other officers without first asking a supervisor.
“The reason given was that there were five individuals coming in who had requested only to be served by male officers,” said the CBSA officer in an exclusive interview with CBC’s Nil Koksal.
The five male travellers who made the request to CBSA are Hindu priests, called sadhus. Sadhus follow a strict lifestyle that requires them to avoid any contact with women.
Well folks, this is a “no-brainer!” If their religion or culture conflicts with our societal rules, they should just STAY THE HELL OUT!

A Massachusetts homeowner was arrested Monday while doing yard work with one of those “noisy” gas powered leaf blowers!
As Richard Capra, 69, worked on the curb appeal of his Shrewsbury home, “several vehicles were slowing down taking photographs,” according to the Shrewsbury Police Department.

Responding to 911 calls, Officer Timothy Charland spotted Capra “completely nude, blowing off his driveway with a leaf blower.” Capra was “intoxicated and belligerent towards police” when questioned.
1057885-Royalty-Free-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Hairy-Nude-Shy-Man-Covering-Himself-Up-With-His-ArmsCapra, arrested on a misdemeanor charge, was later released from custody after posting $500 bail. He is scheduled for an August 15 appearance in Westboro District Court.
Future arrestees will be happy to learn that Capra was “issued clothing” prior to being placed in a Shrewsbury patrol car.

20140807_twinpeakstorontoFOR THE GIRLS: The only reunion that matters this year will be later this month at Fan Expo in Toronto: (also prone to throngs of extreme cat lovers, come to think of it) the massive comic convention will host a rare but mini ensemble of the original Twin Peaks cast.
So far Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer), Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne), and Ray Wise (Leland Palmer) are slated to attend

imagesFans will have a chance to meet the stars of the cult TV drama at a live q&a, autograph session, and photo op.
As for the guys ……………………………, the only “Twin Peeks” they are interested in are THESE:
Folks, this is going to be one of those “Politically Incorrect” messages that I always get in trouble for, but it has to be said!
Without getting into the hysteria of the whole “Residential School” fiasco, and certainly not to redress issues with these schools, when someone prints a headline like THIS …….., I think it does the whole subject a disservice.
“Residential school survivors will decide fate of testimony documents!”
Like I said, kids, I don’t want to get into the particulars of who did what, and to whom, but these kind of headlines blow everything out of proportion and make it sound as if they were like the Nazi death camps!

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