Big blow-out on Parliament Hill today with everyone running around like chickens with their heads cut off!
Justin Trudeau suspended two male Liberal M.P.s for some sort of alleged inappropriate conduct, which was made by an NDP woman last week.

The strange thing is that nobody is saying what the “offense” was, how it was made, or even what it’s ll about ……,Alfie!

Well, until we get better information than what has been forthcoming so far, you ever helpful reporter is going to speculate on what happened.

What we might have here is “failure to communicate!” (With apologies to Struther Martin.)

It could be something serious folks, or it could just be a clash of cultures between a younger, politically correct woman, and two older, “not so politically correct’ men!

Let me explain, if this women (who is a card carrying members of the P.C. crowd, just by virtue of her NDP membership) was hypothetically told she was wearing a “nice dress,” she might consider this a form of sexual harassment ……………….., while at the same time these two guys (who are probably part of the “old boys” network on Parliament Hill) would think that telling a woman she had a “nice ass” was a compliment, rather than a form of harassment.

And that’s when the fight started, folks!

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