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Thursday, 25 June 2015


Image result for john boehnerA lawsuit from the right wing in the U.S. of A., that would have seriously hurt Obama-Care and deprived millions of people of health insurance was thrown out of court today!

The Republicans were outwardly outraged ......., but secretly heaved a sigh of relief because they had nothing to replace it!

Image result for john boehnerThe U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the provision of tax subsidies under the 2010 Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama’s signature health care law.
SCOTUS Obamacare ruling: 2016 presidential candidates, other politicians weigh in
It was the second time in three years the nation’s highest court has handed the Obama administration a key victory in its fight to defend the law, which has been under unremitting attack from conservatives since its passage.
Image result for john boehner“The Affordable Care Act is here to stay,” Obama said in a statement from the White House Rose Garden after the court ruling. “This is a good day for America.”
Shortly after the court’s decision was handed down, those hailing the ruling — and hating on it — lit up Twitter.


Fan Makes Amazing Catch While Holding Baby:


It all started when the man removed his seat belt and stood up shortly after the United Airlines flight had taken off, and while the seat belt sign was still on.

A flight attendant asked him to return to his seat and put his seat belt on, but the man refused to do so until he was given nuts and crackers, according to the BBC.
He was given the snacks as requested, but soon demanded more.
Things escalated after the nuts and crackers demand, with the passenger verbally and physically threatening cabin crew members, according to the police report.
The unruly passenger is also accused of moving bags in overhead bins and going to the bathroom repeatedly.
Cabin crew members felt threatened and informed the pilot, who decided to divert the plane to Belfast.
The man was taken into police custody after the flight safely landed.
He told police that there was a conspiracy against him.

Unfortunately this guy makes sense to me. (At least more than some people I know!)