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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Saturday Morning Confusion about just who is our "Asshole of the Day!"

 Dear Readers: 

I ran across a lot of strange stuff on the Internet today so we are going to have a contest to see who is the biggest "Asshole!"

Vermont State Police say a man cleaning his handgun at a campsite accidentally shot his nine-year-old daughter in the stomach, sending her to the intensive care unit.

Police say the father was cleaning the .22-calibre handgun when it went off.

Family members carried the girl to a rest area, where they were met by emergency personnel.

Police are investigating the shooting.


Two passengers travelling across the St. Lawrence River near Cornwall, Ont., drowned when their Sea-Doo watercraft capsized Wednesday, in what law enforcement is calling an alleged human smuggling attempt.

Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service says the two men who died may have originally come from India.

The two victims were “believed to have been attempting illegal entry into Canada from the United States,” according to a statement from U.S. Customs and Border Protections. (Listen folks, I've been to Cornwall and I know what it's like ....., so I can't understand why someone would risk their life to get there!!! OH, WAIT A MINUTE, I got it all wrong, they were trying to get OUT of Cornwall.)

O.K. Now it all makes sense!

While we are on the subject of illegal immigrants ....., maybe the reason Presidential Candidate Scott Walker wants to build a wall between the U.S. and Canada is to keep Americans from escaping to Canada!


Now this woman definitely qualifies for our daily award.

A Montreal-area woman appeared in court Friday after her ex-boyfriend died in a hit and run.Jean Housley St-Jean, 21, was found on the ground by a jogger at around 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, in Laval, Que.
St-Jean was suffering from what police described as severe head injuries. He later died in hospital.
 Maria-Christina Umana, 20, who claims the hit and run was an accident ......., faces charges of armed assault causing death, criminal negligence causing death, and hit-and-run.


While gay marriage won a landmark victory in Kentucky yesterday, transgender champion Caitlyn Jenner has been applying for country club memberships under her old name to fight the system. And by fight the system I mean get her golf on as quickly as possible because Caitlyn Jenner is still very, very rich and very, very white. Gossip Cop reports:
While Kamihira fills out Jenner’s application for a course at the Sherwood Country Club, she questions the former Olympian “why you are putting Bruce down, as opposed to Caitlyn.” Basically, Jenner, who’s already a member (under the name Bruce) of a different golf course at the Sherwood Country Club, feels applying as “Bruce” for the second course is the fastest and easier way to get accepted.
But don’t worry, it’s not like Caitlyn is going to sneak in dressed like a man just to play golf. I mean, c’mon #bravery
She then wants to know whether the reality star will wear a skirt or shorts on the golf course or “are you going to wear your hoodie and pretend?” Jenner responds, “Once I get out on the course, I’ll take that off.”
“I’m just happier being who I really am, and I hope it encourages others to always be true to themselves. No matter what.”
“If you put ‘Bruce’ on the application, they’ll let you tee off at 1:00.”
*rips off wig, untucks dick* “Get my clubs.”


Hold on folks, I think we got a winner, thanks to the web site: "Gawker!"

(The headline sort of says it all bunky!)

Man Sentenced After Skinning and Eating Ex-Girlfriend's Bunny Rabbit