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Monday, 7 December 2015

I smoked, but I sure wasn't the marlboro man!

Back when I was a teenager just about everyone I hung out with smoked weed!

Everybody except me, that is!

No, I wasn't a goody, goody, or a particularly shy and square type of guy. it's just that weed sometimes gave me anxiety attacks, and that sort of destroyed any attempt to get mellow on the stuff.

On top of all that, marijuana had a THC concentration of under 10% back then ......, which is a far cry from the near 30% potency it has now. (This might help explain why recent studies have shown that weed contributes to psychosis in a certain percentage of people, and may also contribute to the onset of schizophrenia in others!)

In a study published earlier this year in Lancet Psychiatry the same group of researchers at King’s College assessed 780 people between 18 and 65 in London and reported that 24 percent of new cases of psychosis were associated with the use of high potency cannabis. Whereas this was one of the first studies to look at the link between highly potent marijuana and psychosis, researchers have found that using cannabis, and THC specifically, can produce acute psychotic symptoms, and some researchers suggest it increases the risk of developing schizophrenia. “There is an absolutely consistent association, there's a dose-dependent response in terms of both frequency and potency and there's biological plausibility,” Evins says. “There is a preponderance of evidence that leads up to the consensus that cannabis is a preventable risk factor for psychosis.”
Cannabis has been found to impair cognitive functions such as memory and is increasingly being considered an addictive substance, especially in adolescents. 

Now to bring this into "Perspective," (As we like to do on these pages) although weed might not have the same amount of socioeconomic hazards as alcohol, it still does enough potential harm to make ya think twice about whether it's worth doing, or not!

(On a personal note, although I never had any problems with the various types of drugs I sampled in my formative years, it was booze that caused me a decades long period of "tribulation and anguish" ........... and getting rid of that demon is without doubt the hardest thing I ever had to do!!!!)