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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Do I get to sleep with your wife too?

Dear Readers:

I ran into a great piece in the Huffington Post about the weekend blizzard!

Here's part of it! Seems there's a web site called 'Airbnb' (Air Bed-N-Breakfast) where you can rent anywhere from a room to an entire house for your next vacation destination.  (
Remember that big snowstorm they had on the east coast over the weekend? Well, Canadians know all about keeping a good sense of humour when the snow is coming down, so it's easy to salute a clever New Yorker who used one of the city's worst snowstorms as a chance to build an igloo — and rent it out on Airbnb for US$200 per night.

Art director Patrick Horton built the igloo with his roommates in about six hours and advertised it on the vacation rental site on Sunday, ABC News reported.

The Brooklyn listing was described as "dripping with ingenuity and alt-lifestyle aura."

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"Hand-crafted, and built using only natural elements — we're offering the experience of a lifetime in this chic dome-style bungalow for you," the description continues.
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BUT: They quickly got THIS notice from 'Airbnb.'

"We are happy to see that you guys are staying busy and having fun during Blizpocalypse," Airbnb wrote to Horton. "Unfortunately, your igloo, while very well constructed, has failed to meet our occupancy standards and has been removed from search results."


Anyone disappointed they can't stay in the boutique igloo can check out this one, spotted by New York Magazine.(Even if it's not quite as nice!)
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(If you're wondering about the title to this post, there is an old, old urban myth that if you shared an Eskimo's Igloo, you also shared his wife!)