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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Asshole of the Day!

Dear Readers:

See this guy? He's every women's nightmare! (Now I don't sympathize, or really care, one way or the other, about feminists and feminism, but this guy is a card carrying member of the Ike Turner fan club!)

Pick-up artist Daryush ValizadehRoosh V is a misogynistic, male chauvinist who runs a web site on how to 'pick up' women!

His blog is called "Return of Kings," which is described as a forum for “heterosexual, masculine men,” and apparently he wants to organize a  meetup day, which is scheduled to take place in 43 countries around the globe, including 10 Canadian cities, on Saturday.


Yesterday, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson took to Twitter to publicly tell the men’s rights activists that their “pro-rape, misogynistic, homophobic garbage is not welcome in Ottawa.” (Watson is also asking venues in the city to deny renting space to the group to hold the meetup!)

A number of other Canadian mayors quickly followed suit and decried the meetings, which are apparently scheduled for Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Surrey, B.C, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Winnipeg and Windsor.

 From Toronto
No place for intolerance, hatred & misogyny in Toronto. I'm with you @nenshi @jimwatsonottawa 

 From Winnipeg
has no place for the violent views espoused by @ReturnOfKings. Deeply disturbed by Mr Valizadeh's statements 1/2

From Ottawa
Mayor Jim Watson
Hatred and misogyny have absolutely no place in Vancouver or anywhere else in this world 

Now just so everyone doesn't think I'm just for the girls, and not for the guys, I would like to address those "ladies" that complained today about the Juno Awards! 

Seems they're all pissed and bent out of shape because all the nominations went to the guys this year!

OK, OK, it's absolutely true, but I didn't hear any of the guys complain when  all the women like Shannia Twain, Jan Arden, Sarah McLaughlin etc. etc cleaned up on the awards a few years ago!



That "Uptown Girl" Christie Brinkley turned 62 yesterday and she still likes the musicians. The former wife of Billy Joel is now dating John Mellencamp, and they went out to celebrate last night in the Big Apple!



If you think an erection lasting more than 4 hours is a problem, try one lasting more than 99 million years. That's how long the penis of a newly discovered arachnid fossil has been standing at attention. The harvestman, a spider relative also known as a daddy longlegs, was encased in amber during the Cretaceous in what is now Myanmar. Its distinctive penis, with a heart-shaped tip and a bit of a twist at the end, was erect at the time.
 A harvestman, or daddy longlegs, was preserved for 99 million years, with an erect penis.

(Gee, I hope we don't get an "X" rating for this!)


NOW HERE'S A STUPID HEADLINE: "A 9-foot-long anaconda found in Florida neighborhood!" Well what did ya expect, bunky? After all, this is Florida we're talking about, not Winnipeg in February! (Sorry Winnipeg)