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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Vote for me, I'll set you free!

Dear Readers:

I have said many times over that here in Canada I vote more along Conservative lines than Liberal, or (God forbid) NDP.

This makes me wonder what the hell is going on with the right wing politics down south of the border.

I mean, we all know that there is a certain percentage of the population in any country that are complete and total idiots who couldn't think their way to a coherent conclusion about anything, but between the morons and the reactionaries and the fucked up religious nuts in the States ......, they comprise a significant percentage of the  American population.

Image result for republicanIts for this reason that I have a hard time getting my head around what the Conservatives down there stand for, if not bigotry, deceitfulness, rudeness, subterfuge, small mindedness, petty, nasty and vindictive actions ....., that make me wonder why anyone who is not white, very religious and rich would ever vote for them! (And I mean rich, NOT the middle-class)

Image result for democratsWhile the Democrats at least try and maintain an upbeat and progressive attitude, the Republicans approach everything from the negative, and this caustic thinking is permeating all sections of their society.  (It is directly responsible for the rise of Donald Trump on the right, and Bernie Sanders on the left, instead of the old mainstream party ticket ....., although between the two of them, I would go with Bernie any day of the week!)

Lying, cheating, petulant, obstructionist and fractious behavior seems to have become the norm for much of what they call politics down there, and we don't think it helps their reputation in the world community by one iota!

Now don't quote this as Gospel [sic] folks, but on the left is a population map of where most Democrats (Blue) and Republicans (Red) live.  On the right is a map of the smartest (Blue)  and dumbest (Red) people in the U.S.


Yesterday we made this guy or "Asshole of the Day" and word seems to have spread about his 'assholeness.'

'Return of Kings' rallies cancelled as backlash grows: A controversial American blogger has cancelled a series of international meetups scheduled for this weekend in the midst of a growing backlash.
On his website Return of Kings, so-called "pick-up artist" Daryush Valizadeh, known online as "Roosh V," said he cannot guarantee the safety or privacy of the men who attend the Feb. 6 gatherings.
"While I can't stop men who want to continue meeting in private groups, there will be no official Return Of Kings meetups," Valizadeh wrote.
The meetups were scheduled for 43 countries around the world, including 10 Canadian cities. Earlier this week several Canadian mayors denounced the rallies and said Return of Kings supporters were not welcome in their cities.
The contentious anti-feminist blog preaches "neomasculinity," which includes the notion that a woman’s value depends on her fertility and beauty. Among some of Valizadeh’s most controversial writings includes a blog post where he wrote that rape should be “made legal on private property.”


When I first ran across this story I thought they were talking about some people I know!
STOP THE PRESSES: Four new species of deep-sea flatworm-like animals that look like deflated whoopee cushions, and lack complex organs have been discovered, scientists announced.
When describing the physical characteristics of these baggy marine creatures, "simple" doesn't begin to do justice to how simple they are, as animals go. They have no recognizable face or limbs. Their bodies are blobs that look more like empty socks than animals, and are wrinkled by muscular folds and propelled by cilia. A mouth opening at one end leads to a gut sack, but there is no anal opening in the back end. They have no digestive system, no excretory system, no reproductive organs, but they probably don't worry about that too much because they don't have brains, either — just a neural network.
(And as always kids, ya heard it here first!!!! -Ed. -- P.S. Does this look like a dirty old sock?))


Motoring fans are gearing up for more fast cars, jokey banter, daring driving and world travels in 2016, with original Top Gear trio Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May busy prepping their lavish new Amazon series, as Chris Evans and his newly revealed teammates revamp the original BBC-TV car series.
Former Top Gear hosts (from left) James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond are preparing a new automotive show for Amazon Prime.The outspoken Clarkson, known for provocative statements, and colleagues Hammond and May posted images Monday of moving into new offices for their new series, which they are producing for streaming service Amazon Prime.

The BBC fired Clarkson from Top Gear — which set a record in 2012 as the world's most widely watched factual TV program — in March 2015 after he punched a producer in an off-set altercation. Co-hosts May and Hammond left shortly thereafter, along with Top Gear executive producer Andy Wilman.
Amazon snapped them up to launch its own version of the beloved car show, reportedly signing a very expensive deal with the team and giving the new series a hefty production budget.
Actor Matt LeBlanc, seen attending a Nov. 2014 Formula One U.S. Grand Prix auto race in Austin, Texas, is joining the revamped BBC show Top Gear as one of its hosts.MEANWHILE: Former Friends star Matt LeBlanc will be joining the BBC's popular Top Gear program, presenting the revamped car show with Chris Evans, the British broadcaster said Thursday.LeBlanc, who starred as Joey Tribbiani on the NBC sitcom Friends and plays a version of himself on the BBC-Showtime comedy Episodes, is the first non-British actor to host the BBC show in its 39-year history.