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Friday, 12 February 2016

This guy will die with his boots on!

Dear Readers:

There's a woman up around Owen Sound who won almost 20 million in the 6/49 draw last week so she is on her way to fill a lifelong dream.

"And what's that, you ask?"

She went out and finally bought her husband a pair of cowboy boots!

Ok, Ok, I know they cost at least a couple of hundred bucks for a good pair, but do the math folks: $20 million vs a couple of hundred bucks?

Where's the sense in that?


Wanna know why modern humans suffer from depression and have heart disease?

Image result for neanderthal
Apparently it's from having sex with Neanderthals thousand of years ago!

Yup,it seems that Neanderthal DNA is somehow linked to depression in modern humans and a lot of cardio vascular disease as well.


(When the first human female woke up with a hangover one day and realized she had sex with THIS guy, that led to the first case of depression. Then, when her father found out about it, he had the first heart attack!)


Here's something else ya don't see every day:  4 injured in machete attack!
At least four people were injured in a machete attack at an Ohio restaurant before police shot and killed the suspect Thursday night.
The attack occurred at Nazareth Restaurant and Deli, a Mediterranean eatery, in Columbus. Police said the unidentified man walked into the restaurant, had a conversation with an employee and left.
About a half hour later, the suspected attacker returned, approached a man and a woman at a table near the doorway and started his rampage.



Jury President Meryl Streep tried to answer questions about diversity in filmmaking at a news conference for the 2016 Berlinale Film Festival on Thursday.
The Berlin International Film Festival became embroiled Thursday in the debate about diversity in the movie industry, with jury president Meryl Streep dismissing questions about the all-white panel by telling reporters that "we're all Africans, really."

Yes, we are Meryl, except that our ancestors (yours and mine) went up to play in the snow for some strange reason ......., but this doesn't make us very different from anybody else!

(Except for those Gingers, of course!!!)


Who won the sixth Democratic debate?

Hundreds of thousands of people voted online, and an overwhelming majority declared Bernie Sanders the top-performer.

Of the 45,000+ people who voted in Time's poll, 81 percent thought Bernie Sanders won.


AND FINALLY: Look boys and girls, we can bitch and complain about the Middle-East until the cows come home, but that's not where the real danger lies, bunky!

With the price of oil tanking, and the Russian economy quickly going down the toilet, we can see Vladimir Putin getting more and more belligerent towards the West as a means of keeping the Russian people concentrated on an outside enemy, instead of the economy!

 According to "Newsweek" things are starting to heat up now!

The Russian military practiced a wide range of combat maneuvers in the Black Sea as part of its snap drill this week, following NATO’s decision to reinforce its presence in the region, it has been announced.
NATO defense ministers have agreed on a more “enhanced forward presence in the eastern part of our alliance”, Secretary General Jens Stoltenbeg said at a meeting on Wednesday. He would not give details about how big the new deployment would be but one diplomat told AFP on the condition of anonymity that the force could be as many as 6,000.
The presence, Stoltenberg said, would be rotational and in the form of frequent military exercises. However, it would act as “a clear signal” to Russia in Eastern Europe as well as the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.
After Stoltenberg’s announcement, the Russian Ministry of Defence issued a detailed breakdown of the types of combat Russia had been practising—anti-ship, anti-aircraft, anti-submarine warfare and combat against amphibious landing groups.
Russia’s military finished the round of exercises on Thursday after President Vladimir Putin ordered a snap drill of Russia’s southern troops, stationed between the Black and Caspian seas earlier this week.
Russian warship fires missiles in the Black Sea

Although being about 10 times the size of larger drills held by Russia in previous months, the exercise was given much attention, with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu briefing Putin about the drill in a televised meeting on Thursday.
Putin declared that he liked what he had seen, adding that personnel had “shown their best side, acted professionally and confirmed their readiness to reliably defend Russia’s southwestern parts including the Crimean peninsula.”
"The practise of conducting such unannounced inspections must be continued," Putin said. "We are seeing that this practise is well-proven, allowing to consistently increase the combat readiness of the army and navy, and the coherence of different units."
The Russian Ministry of Defense also announced on Thursday that the military’s Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov had traveled to Crimea to personally inspect the success of the drill.
NATO has repeatedly criticized Russia for holding unannounced drills, especially near NATO borders. London-based think-tank the European Leadership Network issued a report in summer 2015 warning that NATO and Russia’s snap military drills increase the risk of an accidental confrontation.