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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Saturday Morning Confusion #97

Dear Readers:

Lots of confusion this week about who Donald Drumpf will pick as V.P. after his stunning victory of the GOP crown last Tuesday.

Image result for sarah palin trumpOne of Donald's first missions is to find a running mate and his preferences go toward a woman on the ticket!

Contrary to popular opinion his wife, Malaria, is not in the running, but odds on favourite Sarah Palin is!

Image result for martha stewart  trumpAnother voice that might be a good thing is Martha Stewart, just to add a bit of spice to this smorgasbord of political hash.
Image result for whoopi goldberg guinan

Whoppi Goldberg would be a double whammy since she is a woman and black.

Drumpf has said that he might consider her for V.P. or one of two choices for Secretary of State, plus she could dress up as Guinan from 'Star Trek' every now and then to add a bit of spice to any diplomatic missions!

Image result for angelina jolieAlso in the running for Secretary of State is Angelina Jolie who seems a natural for this post!

AND LAST, BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST: Conventional wisdom has Oprah Winfrey winning the #2 spot just because she's ......., well, because she's OPRAH!

Image result for oprah


Image result for hillary clinton funny faceImage result for donald trump funny faceSpeaking of politics, it's going to be an interesting election campaign in the fall with both candidates under investigation, and even possible indictment for past sins.

Hilary for her e-mails, and Donald for his Trump-U fraud!


 Known as the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, who would have turned 160 on May 6, founded a branch of psychological therapy that focuses on the conscious mind and the unconscious mind and how the two interact.

Among his many attention-grabbing theories and ideas is the concept of penis envy.

The actual theory is a bit too complicated to get into on these pages, but any woman the Perspective Research Department has talked to about this topic has clearly stated that there is no such thing as 'penis envy!'

To quote one woman: "I don't have a penis because I've got one of these .........,  and with one of these I can get one of them any time I want!"


AND FINALLY: In case ya haven't been watching the news for the past few days, here is some footage from the Fort McMurray devastation!