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Sunday, June 26, 2016


Dear Readers:

They say politics is a dirty business but I never realized the extent of it until recently.

Oh, I was upset about the hatchet job Ken Starr and the Republicans did on Bill Clinton, and I have grown numb to the screams from Trump and other GOP members about Hillary Clinton's transgressions,  but they reached a new low this past week with a tell all book by a former secret service agent for Bill Clinton. (I am not going to do him the favour of mentioning his name.)

Image result for bill clinton clipartFirst of all, I will give you the down low, and dirty poop that he writes about: The Clinton White House was a den of iniquity that was fueled by cocaine, mistresses and debauchery!  (Donald trump, Sean Hannity and Rush Limburger are promoting the hell out of it!)

(Here's Bill with a snoot full of coke!) -->


Got that?

Image result for ghostbusters clipartNOW!

First of all, the guy is a died in the wool Republican ....., and the people he worked with all claim the book is total bullshit and had a phantom writer!

You know, a ghost writer!

Who ya gonna call folks ......., Ghostbusters?