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Friday, September 30, 2016

Is 'Don the Con' Trump a cocaine addict?

To whom it may concern:

Image result for trumpAs a former cocaine user, (many decades ago) I am starting to think that maybe "The Donald" has a reason for all this erratic, hyper, paranoid behaviour!

What got me thinking was his constant sniffling and snuffling during the debate with Hillary Clinton. (At the time I thought it was just nerves because he swore over and over that he never even drinks, smoke or does drugs.)

Image result for trumpBut, when evidence starts to pile up, ya have to go with your gut feeling folks!

The clincher was this morning when I heard that he was 'twittering' again all night and unleashed a couple of tirades at 3 and 5 in the morning!

Image result for trumpWhen you combine this with his tendency to never let a perceived slight go by, his thin skin, and his erratic thinking and behaviour, ya got to think the guy is a coke head!!!!

I hope this is the problem kids, because if  that's just the way he always is ......, then we have a very dangerous person on our hands!