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Saturday, October 29, 2016

'Don the Con' Trumplethinskin.


I was asked this question today: "Why the does the media always portray Donald Trump as this monster who wants to destroy the United States?"

It’s not the media’s fault. It is Trump’s fault.
  • He says crazy things.
  • He argues with people and tweets at 3 am like a teenager.
  • He talked about grabbing pussy.
  • He calls people names.
  • His policies don't make any sense.
  • He makes racist statements. etc. etc.
It says a lot that most of Clinton’s negative ads have been just video of people watching Trump talking. His mouth gets in his way.

Trump is easily the worst candidate for president in my lifetime. He is just plain bad at politics. He attracts a core group of people but turns everyone else off. The media is just reporting what he says. It’s not their fault that what Trump says is crazy and wrong.

 Sara Erickson, slightly left.