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Monday, 31 October 2016

The United States vs The F.B.I.

Dear Readers:

The election down in the States is providing us Canadians with a never ending source of amusement, confusion, apprehension, disbelief and horror!

Image result for weiner scandalThe latest episode of this farce is the re-opening of Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal is the investigation of Anthony Wiener's wife, (Huma Abedin) who is the second in command on Hillary's election campaign. (If you've forgotten who Anthony Wiener is ......., let me remind you that he's a former big shot politician who likes to walk around with his wiener in his hand and sending unsolicited pictures of the same member to unsuspecting women!)

So, we got this Wiener guy under investigation for lewdness, bad taste, impropriety, debauchery and something about an improper relationship with an underage 15 year old girl.

Now this is where it gets interesting folks: Clinton's second in command (Huma) shared a computer with her husband 'Anthony the Wiener,' and somehow her e-mails to Clinton ended up on said husband's laptop, which the F.B.I. discovered during their investigation of Anthony Wiener's wiener! (As soon as I get the rest of the information straight in  my head I will let you know!