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Sunday, 26 March 2017

A plague upon you!

Dear Friends:

For all those idiots that don't believe in evolution, but rather prefer the biblical account of creationism ........, show them this article!
Image result for moth clipartThe English “pepper moth” was a silvery white moth with little dark speckles on it’s wings - perfectly camouflaged to sit on the silvery white bark of beech trees.

During the industrial revolution, it was noticed that these moths we turning gradually into black moths - and it turns out that the reason for this is that the huge amounts of sooty black pollution was darkening the bark of the trees - making the white moths stand out easily to predatory birds.
Image result for moth clipart
So in a matter of a hundred years, the pepper moth evolve into a black moth.

When industrial pollution eventually shut down and the Clear Air Act was passed, it was noticed that the moths were gradually evolving BACK to their original white color…and today, it’s very rare to find a black pepper moth.
Now for anyone trying to justify this by claiming that it was God that changed the moth's colour ....., I will personally send a plague of Locust's and Moth's to your house!