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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Saturday Morning Confusion: Am I invisible?

Dear Friends: "Let's get things back into Perspective!"

Ever since I declared myself as the defacto, nonpartisan ruler of the world a number of months ago I have been met with almost total indifference.

Let me give you examples of some of the stuff, both big and small, that has been received with a gigantic yawn!

*First of all on the Global front I said Israel should stop with the settlement building and give the West Bank back to the Arabs. I also suggested that Drumpf build his wall around the Middle East (with the exception of Israel) and then let them fight it out amongst themselves!

*Russia and the other Western Powers should co-operate more with Russia becoming a part of the European Union. (This would automatically solve the Syrian crises and ISIS  as well. Get rid of Assad and kill him for war crimes, and dismantle ISIS and execute anyone who is a member! ---- or build that wall!)

*Get rid of that little short, fat fucker who controls North Korea (and most of his armed forces) and re-unite North and South Korea. Then take all American troops out of the country! ( A condition of this is that China should also stop messing about with their exaggerated territory claims!)

*In the States you should get rid of all Lobbyists and political gerrymandering, and establish a sensible third political party to counter-balance the two already there. This would immediately solve all the polarization between the Democrats and the Republicans and appeal to the large middle class. This means you would have the young P.C crowd on one hand and the older, white, religious, gun loving and re-reactionary crowd on the other hand, with all the sensible people in the middle!

There's more stuff, but let's look at things locally as well:

*London, Ontario, (where I live) is looking to put in Rapid Transit and they want to tear up major roads as well as put in a stupid tunnel through the main artery of the city to the tune of over half a billion dollars ....., when all they need to do is put in one of THESE: (No tunnel, no disruption to local businesses, and much quicker to accomplish!)

For the same amount of money ($5 million per km) they could cover the entire city like THIS:

In radio broadcasting and consulting: I've done a bit of quasi-consulting to a S.W. Ontario radio station with the understanding that I could make them the #1 Station in the region, but they continue to hold on to their small town ideas and haven't made any changes. (With one or two exceptions)

I also discovered there is no definitive list of songs that qualify as Canadian Content, (Canadian stations must play 35% Can-Con) so I made a list of 2160 songs that qualify ....., but the response has been tepid at best, even though everyone tells me it's about time such a list was made! (I think they're afraid I will charge them ...., which I won't!)

All of this ...., and many more examples lead me to believe that:

1. I don't really exist, or .........!

2. Nobody give a shit what I think!

Either way it sort of hurts!!!!!!!!