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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

A fine kettle of fish!

Dear Friends: It seems the shit is about to hit the fan kids.,,,,,,,,, (No wait, "kids" is the wrong term to use here because it involves refugee kids.)

Actually it's a two-sided problem...... on the one hand you have a bunch of refugees in detention, and on the other hand you have a whole bunch of their kids (some very young) that have been taken away from the parents and put in concentration camps.

Where the problem gets complicated is that the parents don't know where their kids are, and the kids don't know where their parents are, (if they are even old enough to comprehend this) and the government doesn't know who goes where!

That's right folks, ya got a bunch of parents and a bunch of kids and nobody is able to connect the dots about who goes where. (What complicates the matter even further is that the kids have been scattered all over the country!!!!)

Which brings us to the question.

Wanna buy a kid?

The way I see it anyway!
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